Representation of the Coaches and College/Semi-Pro/Pro Athlete  Wall.

The coaches wall features a picture and biography of distinguished coaches.  Anyone wishing to honor a coach on this wall can do so for a donation of $5,000.  The other side Includes a picture and biography of WHS Athletes who have gone on to play at the collegiate, semi-pro, or pro level.

Individuals or families who wish to sponsor their athlete may do so for a donation of $1,000.

Representation of Paw Wall.  

Available to individuals, families, and businesses for donation of $250 - $10,000.  Based on the donation level, family pictures or business logos will be included.

Representation of the Distinguished Team Wall.

Includes team’s picture and biography. WHS team state/county championship teams and those that set school, state, county records are eligible to be displayed.  Available to teams for a donation of $1,000


Representation of the Distinguished Individual Athlete Wall

 This wall will highlight those individual WHS athletes whose athletic achievements include but are not limited to:
                    1st team All county or MVAL honors
                    Herald mail player of the year
                   School, county, or state record holders

 WHS athletes will be honored with an individual picture and biography for a donation of $1,000.