Our 3rd Quarter Auction is scheduled for Sunday Oct 21, 2018  

Please click button below to see our vendors and local businesses who are involved this year!

Anyone needing tickets please see Amanda Ardinger or any board member. 

It's only $5 per ticket for a great cause our Student athletes

We've gotten a couple of questions about what really is a Quarter Auction, so here are some details.

Quarter Auctions are a fun and inexpensive way to pick up quality items. Each attendee pays $5 which gets them 2 bidding paddles, each with a number assigned to that paddle. The corresponding numbers from the paddles are then used to draw the winners for each auction item.

Each auction item has a bid of 1 quarter, 2 quarters, etc. And if you want the item, you can choose to bid on it or wait for the next item. For example, let's say the auction item is a $25 restaurant gift card and the bid is 1 quarter. You would pay 1 quarter to bid on that item or 2 quarters if you wanted to bid both your paddles on that item and thus have 2 chances to win the gift card. If the number drawn at random matches the number on your bid paddle, you win the $25 gift card!

Once the doors open to the event, you have time to review the items and pick which ones you'd like to bid on so you only bid on the items you really want. You can also purchase additional paddles if you want to have more chances in each drawing but you can still decide how many of your paddles to 'put in play' for that auction item. So say you have 4 paddles and for some items you want to bid all 4 paddles because you want 4 chances and for other items, you're fine with just bidding 1 or 2 paddles...well you can do that too! It's all up to you and the items you really want to win!

Auction items will include things from vendors like Scentsy, Pampered Chef, LulaRoe, Origami Owl and several other home based business. Plus we have unique items as well,